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After Care Diet

Perhaps you have undergone teeth whitening a few minutes ago. Maybe, you’re quite confused about how to maintain your teeth. Generally, it’s simple and easy. With your time, attention, money, and discipline, the process will be stress-free and comfortable.

With many things to do after the treatment, you may feel quite overwhelmed. To lessen the complexity, start from the aftercare diet. What food can you eat? What beverages can you drink? What stuff should you eliminate from your list? Good questions! Read on to know the most suitable diet for your condition.

Foods to Eat and Avoid

After teeth whitening, patients continue their typical diet as if nothing happens. Don’t do the same thing. Be sure to adhere to a strict white diet to avoid serious discoloration and other complications.

Do you know that stain removal treatment open all pores of your teeth? Then, follow the right diet for a day or two. This will give your teeth enough time to adjust and minimize the possibility of staining.

What to Eat or Drink?

Do you love to eat and drink? Well, after teeth bleaching, you are obliged to avoid some of your favorites. What else can you eat or drink? Of course, there’s a range of options to pick. Here are some good choices:

  • Rice, yogurt, and scrambled eggs
  • Porridge, bananas, and coconut
  • Sushi, bread, and  deli meats
  • Milk, rice pudding, and vanilla-based ice creams

But don’t exceed the amount of food you consume to protect your diet and keep yourself fit. You can also be experimental when preparing your food. You can ask a dietician, dentist, and other certified professionals.

What to Avoid?

Some beverages and foods can lead to teeth discoloration. Maybe some of these choices are your favorites. Don’t worry! You can still consume them but in moderation.

Here are the foods you need to avoid for approximately 48 hours:

  • Coffee. Life wouldn’t be the same without a cup of warm coffee. However, it’s better to remove it from your diet after teeth bleaching. As an acidic beverage, coffee can extremely affect your enamel. It can even stain your white teeth, affecting your sweet smile.
  • Red Wine. Drinking wine might be a great way to unwind. Unfortunately, it is one of the most staining beverages you should avoid. With its acidity, it can attack your enamel, affecting your confidence.
  • Soda. Another beverage that’s considered the nemesis of all dentists is soda. It’s no wonder because it has a high level of acidity, amber coloring, and sugar content. For those who have undergone teeth bleaching, soda can be a headache. If you’re craving for the liquor, using a straw can be helpful.
  • Tomato Sauce. Tomato sauce on clothes or tablecloths can be hard to handle. Your teeth are no exception. Although it provides a multitude of benefits in the first place, it’s not ideal for your post-teeth bleaching. A white cream sauce will be your best shot.

To have a custom and responsive aftercare diet, seek assistance from your chosen dentist today!

After Care Diet
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