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Teeth Whitening Cost

For the past years, laser teeth whitening has created a buzz across the globe. With that, the demand has been increasing. Dental clinics also come in a big industry. Laser teeth whitening can be quite expensive. So how does it cost? Generally, price estimates range from $400 to $1,500. That can be costlier than other available treatments out there. While it can be a luxury, take note that the maintenance and the cost in time are not yet included in the estimate.

When looking for the total teeth whitening cost, you have come to the right place. Let’s get started.

The Cost in Time

Before, teeth whitening took a long time to perform and finish. But things have changed today. With the immense popularity of laser treatment, the process can last from 15 minutes to an hour. However, a dental clinic’s expertise and cutting-edge technology can come into play.

For years, we also have seen a development in the materials used for teeth whitening treatment like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen paste. Most patients believe that the laser does the job alone. It’s not like that in reality. It’s a CO2 laser or argon that heats the paste to streamline the oxidation.

You’ve probably been using a paste in a custom-made tray for hours. It’s about time for a change. Laser teeth whitening is fast and responsive. Within 20 minutes, everything is done with your peace of mind. However, it’s good to note that multiple visits are necessary when undergoing this high-end treatment. While a single session can provide a visible result, it may not be enough. Going to your dentist frequently is key.

So, let’s say every visit costs approximately $200. Multiple it by four to prepare your pocket. The price may also vary. Don’t be tempted to try the cheapest solutions. Be willing to spend more to acquire huge savings at the end of the day.

Maintenance Fees

Maintenance cost is another fee to take into consideration. Dental clinics will often supplement laser whitening with a personalized and fit tray. This enables dentists to keep your teeth white for months. Even though the initial session ends, the results last for a year.

But after some time, your teeth may start to discolor. This is where whitening maintenance can play a big role. As with the bleaching procedure itself, the upkeep costs cash. So, prepare your pocket to handle the expenses.

Since your dentist is a licensed professional, there are amazing discounts to enjoy. Ask your chosen dental clinic for possible quotes. You can also refer to some of your friends, relatives, and colleagues for additional discounts.

Is Laser Bleaching Safe?

Good question! Unfortunately, most bleaching solutions can cause tooth sensitivity. Don’t worry because it’s normal. It is a natural result of using peroxide gel. Studies also indicate that more than 66% of individuals experience the same thing. More than that, the severity of teeth sensitivity also varies. It all depends on your tooth enamel and condition.

Laser whitening, on the contrary, is less painful compared to other treatments.  But the options that have a high dose of peroxide will be more overwhelming to deal with. Most laser whitening solutions are filled with 25 or 35 % of peroxide mixtures. That’s quite a lot, leading to teeth sensitivity.

For years, some studies prove that laser teeth whitening does not provide any long-term food. But it still requires extensive research to prove that claim. Generally speaking, the procedure is safe, depending on your chosen dentists. That’s why direct your attention to a seasoned and certified professional. A service provider that uses a high-end technology can also provide the highest quality of solutions.

Reasons to Pay for Laser Whitening

There are many reasons to pay for this treatment. The speedy procedure is one factor. The result is another thing. The discounts and competitive rates are other benefits to enjoy. But make sure a clinic performs the services with certified dentists and innovative technology.

How to find the best specialist? Ask your friends for some referrals. You can also search online to save your time and reduce the hassles. Plus, be patient. Although you fail at first, don’t lose hope to find the most experienced expert.

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