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Teeth Whitening FAQs

Teeth whitening has been gaining in immense popularity for decades now. With the high demand, there are different dental clinics available across the country. There are also overflowing information online that can will be of great help to patients.

However, this leads to misconceptions and stressful process. Asking some of these questions is a great start. Read on for further details.

How White Will your Teeth Go?

With a highly seasoned dentist, patients can enjoy whiter teeth than before. This is dependent on the stain or plaque in your teeth. The results also vary. Just make sure to choose a dental clinic with the right knowledge. Those with innovative or cutting edge technology will also give you an advantage.

How Long does the Procedure Take?

It depends on the experience and technology of a dental clinic. Generally, teeth whitening only takes a minimum of 45 minutes without the time for consultation. For an hour, the treatment will be completed. After that, you can see the results. What’s surprising is that you can work as if nothing happens.

Is it Painful? Or Will Patients Feel Extreme Sensitivity?

During the procedure, patients may experience sensitivity without any pain. Most dentists nowadays use a patented whitening gel that doesn’t have bleach, hydrogen peroxide and other harmful components. But it depends on the professional of your choice. A dental clinic that has the best technology can shorten the process.

How Long does the Result Last?

Depending on your lifestyle, the results can last for a year. With proper maintenance, regular flossing, and brushing, it can last for three years or more. A capable dentist will also be of great help. Also, spending more bucks on a quality service is worth the investment.

Does Teeth Whitening Pose a Danger to Your Teeth?

Of course, not. With a professional dentist, there are no short or long-term negative effects on your enamel, dentin, or gums. While finding the best specialist can be confusing, your efforts will pay off at the end of the day.

Will the Procedure Whiten False Teeth, Crowns or Veneers?

Teeth whitening is suitable for teeth stain or discoloration. However, it is not specially designed for those with false teeth, caps, or crowns. There are other treatments that you can take advantage of. Ask your dentist to know further details.

Do you Need to Get a Polish Before the Procedure?

It’s not necessary. Flossing and brushing will be enough before teeth whitening. Visit your dental clinic for some safety precautions. Although it can require extra costs, it can be money-saving in the long run.

Are Whitening Solutions Effective on Teeth with Stains or Discoloration?

Of course, yes. Yellowish teeth relatively respond to bleaching. Blue-gray stains, on the contrary, is harder to lighten. While it requires a few months of training, in-office appointments are also useful.

For those patients with dark stains, they may be a better candidate for other lightening solution. These can include bonding, veneers, and crowns.

With all these bleaching processes, the results will vary from patient to patient. The condition of the teeth, the concentration of the bleach, the nature of the stain, the duration of time, and the bleaching solution can be a big factor.

How Often do you Need to Undergo Teeth Whitening?

The results of teeth bleaching can last for a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years. However, it’s good to remember that whitening is only temporary. Patients who eat high-staining foods and beverages can discolor your teeth in one month.

Those who refrain from eating highly acidic foods can prolong the results up to a year or two. This saves your time, reduces effort, and minimizes unnecessary expenses.

When is the Best Time for a Follow-Up Visit to your Chosen Dental Clinic?

After teeth whitening, what are you going to do next? Well, your job does not stop there. A follow-up consultation is important. Typically, your dentist will require you to go to their clinic after a few days. This enables them to check on your gums and determine other possible conditions.

What can You do to Maintain your Confident and Beautiful Smile?

You’ve probably undergone teeth bleaching. Perhaps, you are in search of solutions to maintain that sweet smile. What are you going to do to keep your white teeth over time? The number one solution is to avoid consuming products that discolor your teeth.

However, you can also drink colored beverages and eat highly acidic foods. Just don’t forget to floss or brush your teeth properly.

Another effective tip is to rinse immediately after consumption. While you can use commercially manufactured mouth wash, clean water is enough.

That’s not all! Oral hygiene practices are helpful. At least, floss once a day to remove tartar. And brush your teeth after a meal. You can also utilize a whitening toothpaste to get rid of surface stains. After the treatment, use a regular toothpaste.

You can also consider touch-up treatments. Depending on the whitening techniques used, undergo a follow-up procedure every 6 months. But for those who smoke and drink colored beverages, visit your clinic often.

Are there Possible Side Effects?

Of course, there are some side effects, including mild gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. During the early phase of the bleaching procedure, you are more prone to extreme sensitivity.

Gum or tissue irritation usually results from the use of a mouthpiece. Fortunately, it can disappear from 1 to 3 days.

To eliminate the sensitivity, you can wear the tray for a few minutes. You can stop bleaching your teeth for three days to avoid complications. Plus, ask your dental professionals for a high-fluoride product to remineralize your teeth. Also, use a specially tailored toothpaste for your special condition.

Is there an Insurance Coverage to Avail for Teeth Whitening?

Unfortunately, there’s no dental insurance to bear in mind. It requires your money to undergo the treatment. With immediate cash on hand, you can go to the nearest dental clinic whenever you want.

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