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Tea, sports drinks, wine, sauces, soda, cola, berries, and candy are delicious to drink and eat. But overconsumption can result in teeth stain or discoloration.

Fortunately, there are reliable teeth whitening solutions to choose from. However, the fees are overwhelming to handle. Not only can it cause a dent in your savings account, but it can also pile up your debts.

With the unexplainable costs, not all people can afford the treatment. So, what are the right alternatives you should try? There are other teeth whitening products that everyone can use at home. Perhaps, you’ve been using toothpastes. What else can you use? At-home kits made with LED lights should be included in your list.

However, the real struggle happens during the selection process. It’s no surprise because the market is bombarded with a variety of options. While some can get it done with a smile, others would find it hard. 

But there are ways to handle the process easily. There are factors you can weigh in mind. Here are some of them:

  • Is a whitening product licensed? Many patients are quite tempted to try the cheapest teeth whitening products. Don’t do the same thing. Direct your attention to items that are medically licensed. Also, avoid over-the-counter items for your safety and peace of mind.
  • Is it approved by a dentist and other related professionals. Due to the high demand, teeth whitening products are quite costly. That’s why there are unregistered options on the market. When selecting a brand, choose the one that dentists approve and recommend.
  • Don’t look at the packaging alone. Packaging can be deceiving. As a consumer, don’t focus on the aesthetic appeal of a brand. Choose the one that drives good results. To know if an item is effective, look at the clients’ reviews. 
  • Avoid guards that don’t mould your teeth. Generic mouth guards can be cheap. Unfortunately, they are inconvenient to wear. Using unfit mouth guard can worsen teeth sensitivity and pose a risk to your gums. Although it’s hard, pick the one that’s suits your unique needs.
  • A regular check-up is worth your attention. Before teeth whitening, consult a dentist. Are there bad patches on your teeth? That could be stains or decay. To receive the best results, make an appointment with a reliable dental clinic.

Another excellent way to know whether or not a whitening product is effective is thru time. Depending on your diet, the procedure can last for six months.

Other than that, there are other things to weigh in mind. That can be quite stressful and confusing. Read on to determine the highest quality of solutions.

Top Teeth Whitening Kits to Consider

Limited Edition Oral-B Genius 9000

Most people exert much effort to maintain their captivating smile. They look for many things, so they forget other important aspects.

To keep your teeth clean and white, using the right toothbrush is a good start. But the options on the market can be confusing to deal with. This is where Limited Edition Oral-B Genius 9000 comes to your rescue.

Available in electric form, this item from Oral-B comes in an aesthetically pleasing travel case. It is packed with a great curb value that you can boast to your friends, relatives and colleagues. 

It is also rechargeable. While charging only takes for a few hours, its battery can last for days. Although it can be costly at first, it can be money-saving. It is also experts-recommended, giving you a safe and fun experience.

What many people love about this item is that it has different controls. This allows you to adapt your way of brushing to how discolored your teeth are. Both the bristles and small head can reach the gaps in between your teeth.

After regular use, your teeth will be stain-free, cleaner and brighter. With whiter teeth, you can always have a confident and beautiful smile.

Billion Dollar Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

Some people purchase a teeth whitening product one by one. While it can sound affordable, it can lead to unnecessary expenses over time. Buying a complete kit like this brand can be a smart decision. Although it can require extra costs, you can expect huge savings ahead.

The kit is simple to use. It consists of a LED mini light and 3ml non-peroxide gel syringes. The non-peroxide components are clinically proven and tested. More than that, the formula is stress-free to dispense, especially on gum shields. It is also gentle on the tooth enamel.

Billion Dollar Smile Teeth Whitening Kit has an aloe vera fragrance with chamomile and pomegranate. It is also less clinical than other brands on the market. After weeks of use, your teeth would look as light and bright as you wish.

Crest 3D Teeth Whitening Kit

Because of a hectic schedule, you may not have an ample time to visit a dental clinic for a multitude of teeth whitening appointments. With this teeth whitening kit from Crest 3D, you can change the shade of your teeth in no time.

With a large number of brands to pick, Crest 3D guarantees a full result in a few days of use. It is effective and convenient, making it one of the most sought-after product on the market.

Effective and reliable, Crest 3D has been endorsed by most experts and seasoned dentists in the profession. It is stress-free to use and can remove stains within a short period of time. It also includes the same enamel whitening components that most dental clinics use.

Crest 3D is packed with the safest ingredients. It doesn’t pose any risks as long as you follow the instructions. What makes it a number one option for many is that it’s flexible. While wearing the strips, you can still talk and drink water. Plus, it comes with a discreet design and prides itself with a comfortable fit.

Pro Teeth Whitening Co with Powder, Charcoal Strips, Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Teeth whitening products have greatly evolved for the past decades. Now, charcoal has been gaining a huge popularity.

Despite that, some dentists think that charcoal is only a fad. However, it’s perfect for removing stains, tartar, or plaque. This pro teeth whitening has charcoal powder that comes from coconut shells and other special components, creating a detoxifying agent.

Pro Teeth Whitening Co incorporates charcoal in its strips, mouthwash, toothpaste, and powder. Each item is 100% natural, experts-recommended and vegan friendly. It’s free from harmful chemicals and other elements, protecting your teeth from serious complications.

After regular and proper use, any form of tartar or plaque will start to break down and fade. From there, it will whiten the existing shade of your teeth. So, you can have a captivating and bright smile.

How to use it? Well, it’s simple. Follow the instructions in the packaging itself. It’s easy to understand, saving your time and effort.

Oral-B 3D Whitening Therapy Toothpaste

Lifestyle habits can relatively cause discoloration to build up in your teeth and make them darker.

With Oral-B 3D Whitening therapy toothpaste, it can bring back the natural shade of your teeth. It can get rid of stains in no time.

Just like professional bleaching, it won’t change your teeth’s natural color.

This whitening therapy toothpaste from Oral-B can improve your teeth’s shade by getting rid of stubborn stains. It tastes good and can provide long-lasting freshness. Not only can it address bad breath, but it can also restore your sweet smile.

That’s not all. It comes with smart packaging.

Just remember that not all users can experience the same result. The product is not suitable for all.

But the good news is that the toothpaste is created with the help of scientists and other experts. Packed with an active mineral, it can nourish and strengthen your enamel. 

PROACOAL Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

Another quality solution is the activated charcoal teeth whitening powder from PROACOAL. Developed and formulated by expert UK dentists, it is 100% vegan-friendly, safe and natural. For those who are not fond of using mouth guards or LED lights, this has got you covered.

The teeth whitening powder is tailored to improve the shade of your teeth by getting rid of the stains. It is suitable for vegans. It is not tested on animals. Plus, it comes with an aesthetic and durable packaging.

To use it, just dip a brush into the powder. Clean your teeth just like using a toothpaste. When you’re in search for a faster way to whiten your teeth, this brand is good to go. It comes with a 60ml pot that can last for a few months.

Compared to other options, it may stick to your teeth. After proper cleaning and several mouth washes, it can give your teeth a stunning glow.

FOREO Issa 2 Silicon Sonic Toothbrush

Who would have ever thought that a simple toothbrush can be battery-operated? But it has been possible with FOREO Issa 2 Silicon Toothbrush. In fact, it has a long battery life that can last for hours. The charging time is also less stressful than you have thought

Silicon Sonic Toothbrush has a unique brush head and aesthetically pleasing design. When your existing brand does not work at all, this option should be on top of your list. Although it takes time to use with ease, it’s worth the cost in the long run.

Aside from a lasting battery life, its brush heads are durable enough. It is impact-resistant and sturdy that you’d use for a couple of years. But does it produce a sound during operations? It’s not similar to other products on the market. It is quiet, effective and safe.

Another thing that users love about the toothbrush is its soft carry case. It is easy to grip. It is comfortable to use. Plus, it is made with special materials.

Other brands to consider are Polished Teeth Whitening Kit, Rapid White 1 Week Tooth Whitening System. Whether you’re looking for a solution that can whiten your teeth or maintain that shade, these two brands will never be a disappointment.

So, what’s your choice? Whatever your decision is, it will be a perfect investment. For further details, please don’t hesitate to visit a qualified dental clinic. Share this post to your friends and colleagues today.

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